Jake's Ladder-Yad B' Yad movie production
By C McLean | Added April 21, 2010

‘Jake's Ladder’--- New Yad B'Yad Movie Project in the Works

Yad B'Yad is sponsoring an exciting newventure along with award-winning amateur short film producers, John and Brigette Hubert of ‘Moobert Productions’. In their first feature length film the Hubert’s bring to their audience an intriguing subject matter that is both informative and entertaining. 20 year old Jake (played by Smith Weber) surprisingly discovers he was adopted and that his birth mother was Jewish. Jake is a special needs young man with Downs Syndrome being raised in a Christian family. His concerned parents and siblings are reluctant to explore this part of Jakes history; but nevertheless hepulls them all into an emotional journey as they discover his Jewish roots. Eventuallythis brings them all to a deeper understanding of the importance that Judaism has as the basis oftheir Christian faith.

The Hubert’s began making short films five years ago for the purpose of entering into the ''Local Shorts Film Festival'' that is held at the Lobo Theater every summer. It's a small film festival that accepts amateur, as well as professional entries. It started out as nothing more than a hobby, something to do for fun, but blossomed into a passion, and Moobert Productions was born.

The Hubert’s proclaim, “Our favorite ‘star’ in our flicks is Smith Weber, a very special friend that has Down syndrome.Smith has starred in two of our award-winning short films, ''The Smith File'' and ''Lilies'', both of which won ''Audience Pick'' and ''Movie Maker's Pick'' awards at the Local Shorts Film Festival in Albuquerque(2007 and 2008) Smith's latest accomplishment is his co-starring role in the short film''Do Not Disturb'', which was written by and stars actor, Brian Lucero, and was directed by Joey Liew. We are so proud of Smith for auditioning so well and winning the part!“

John and Brigette met their special leading man through his parents John and Susie Sandager. John’s compelling teachings on the Hebraic roots of the Bible and Christianity drew the couples together. They shared a common desire for interest through Albuquerque’s group Yad ‘B Yad, where Christians and Jews learn and work closely together to build a common understanding. “That's where we fell in love with Smith Weber”, says Brigette.The Hubert’s developed a close relationship with him over the past six years and he was a natural choice to play the lead role in this personal project. Brigette expressed that “Smith is a rare individual who warms up to everyone and everyone warms up to him''. Smith has a love and talent for acting and is comfortable in front of the camera, taking his roles very seriously.

‘Jakes Ladder’ is a lighthearted look at family dynamics, as layers of social and personal issues are worked through. Not only does this topic relate to the interpersonal relationships of one nuclear family, but delves into the serious issues we all face in our Jewish-Christian relations today. The story provides a fresh insight through innocent eyes of how we can understand and appreciate the commonalities of our faith.

In one touching scene, Jake’s sister reaches out to assure him as he struggles to make sense of this news. His face flushed from heartfelt confusion (Smith) draws the viewer in as he bares the load of deep longing questions... Jake asks her,” I adopted you?''...a sweet interchange between the two continues as we watch an act of unconditional love. This new angle on our sometimes entangled relationships relating to faith and family will be certain to have a lasting impression on those who are privileged tosee this film.John and Brigette Hubert express their “love” for producingfilms forlocal festivals. Moreover, The Hubert’shope to make a positive impact on those who view their work. ''It is important that our work sends a good message” says Brigette of all their productions. We are also working to finish up a documentary-style film, featuring Smith Weber that we hope will be an encouragement to any parent finding out they have a special needs child. We want them to know that despite the challenges, it can be a real blessing!

Their work with Yad b Yad makes this film a culmination of their love of cinemaandtheir desire to bringChristian and Jewishpeoples together with this timely piece..We are putting our heart into this film because of our love for Israel and the Jewish people and it is “Our goal for this film is to bring the Jewish and Christian communities together to work on a fun and meaningful project”. It will highlight the importance of learning and understanding the things we share in common, and to show how meaningful it can be for a Christian family to learn about and embrace Jewish culture. We also hope that just by working together with the Jewish community on this project, that it will bring us closer together in a spirit of friendship and be an encouragement to other communities of how we can work together. It will most assuredly compel us to reflect on our own lives and how we are contributing to the solution of bridging the broken places in our relationships.

Jakes Ladder is in the early stages of filming and all who are Yad B Yad are anticipating another great shared experience when we do get to watch this project come to completion ! But both Yad b Yad and film projects are a winding journey ...so we will update Link readers as the date of release draws near. To learn more about the production visit--- www.moobertproductions.com